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サイゼリヤ ヴェルデッキオ

*Shipping included* Compare 3 types of white wine Verdicchio

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Drink and compare 3 types of Verdicchio wine!

◇Enjoy the refreshing taste of Verdicchio Classico DOC!
◇Taste the rich fruit flavor of Bacareto Verdicchio Classico Superiore DOC!
◇Feel the barrel aging of Ori Verdicchio Superiore DOC!

They are made with the same grape variety, Verdicchio: with this set you can enjoy the difference in taste given by different hervest and production techniques!



left: Verdicchio Classico DOC 【WHI0001】
middle: Bacareto Verdicchio Classico Superiore DOC 【WHI0040】
right: Ori Verdicchio Superiore DOC 【WHI0014】

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