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Adda wine Spring announcement

◆Spring!Cherry blossom!Rosé collection◆

Rosé wine has a "clean feeling" that is typical of white wine.

"Thickness" of red wine

One bottle covers the good points of both wines

A versatile wine that can be used in multiple ways!

Including the newly arrived "Prosecco DOC Rose" this month

Introducing 3 bottles of Rose Wine from Ada Wine Shop!

◆Prosecco DOC Rosé

Finally, the ban on sales was lifted on January 1, 2021.


"Prosecco DOC Rosé"

"Prosecco" is from Veneto, northern Italy:

Made partially with grapes from the close Friuli Venezia Giulia region,

it is the most drunk wine in the world:

It is a sparkling wine that represents Italy.


The grapes mainly used in Prosecco

"White grape = Grela" is the main,

Blendied with the typical grapesed of red wine "Pino Nero-Pino Noir".

In addition, it was recognized as "Prosecco DOC Rosé".


"Prosecco DOC Rosé"

There are still only a limited number of places available in Japan.

Please try it as soon as possible!




Pino Nero


Light pink like cherry blossom petals


Elegant green apple and sweet and sour scent of berries such as strawberries


A light foam with a slight bitterness and an elegant acidity pops in your mouth.

Recommended for a toast!

[Recommended pairing]

Squid ink pasta with strong saltiness

>>>View Proseccp DOC Rosé


◆Lambrusco Rosato◆

Rosé sparkling, a sweet wine that is very popular in Saizeriya


Lambrusco Salamino

Lambrusco Marani

Lambrusco Maestri


Clear and beautiful pink


Sweet scent of strawberry and berry


The mouthfeel is very mellow and his refreshing sweetness.

It has less sourness and astringency, so it is recommended for people who do not usually like wine.


[Recommended pairing]

Prosciutto and palmigiano cheese,

Bolognese Pasta,

Raw ham, salami, etc.

Also as with dessert after meals 

>>>View Lambrusco Rosato


◆Five Roses Anniversario◆

This wine won the 10th place in the top 50 Italian rosé wines

Best & long-selling rose wine in Italy


Negro Amaro

Marva Zianera Dillecce


Clear cherry color


It has a berry-based fruity scent, but it is also refreshing.


Continued from a light and lively acidity,

Fruity fruit flavor.

Easy to drink without astringency


[Recommended pairing]

It goes well with slightly sour meals such as chirashi sushi and sushi rice.

Valuable wine that goes well with sushi

>>>View Five Roses Anniversario