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Company profile

business name Ada Tours Japan Co., Ltd.
Address 8-6 Nihonbashi Kobunecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024 H¹O Nihonbashi Kobunecho
Foundation ​February 22, 2002
CEO Tomoya Tamura
Capital 81 million yen
Qualifications Kanda Law (liquor) No. 238, self-imported liquor retail license, mail-order liquor retail license,
Tokyo Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 3-5129
Business content (1) Travel business based on the Travel Business Law (domestic / overseas travel business)
(2) Consignment sales of various boarding tickets, admission tickets, etc.
(3) Advertising business and publication and sale of books, magazines, etc.
(4) Sale of travel goods
(5) Planning, composition and management of various events
(6) Non-life insurance agency business
(7) Real estate rental management
(8) Restaurant management
(9) Import / export and sale of food, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, newspapers, books and daily necessities
(10) Development, design, production and sale of computer software
(11) Technical assistance and management guidance for the restaurant industry
(12) General cargo automatic vehicle transportation industry
(13) Planning, operation, management and management of accommodation facilities and sports facilities amusement parks
(14) Business incidental to each of the above items