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Terms of service

Terms of service

The "ADDA WINE SHOP" Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are the Internet shopping website "ADDA WINE SHOP" (hereinafter referred to as "") operated and managed by ADTA Tours Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). This site is called "this site", and the service provided by our company through this site is called "this service") and applies to all relationships between our company and those who use it (hereinafter referred to as "customer"). .. In addition, the notifications, etc. to customers posted on this site form a part of this agreement as an integral part of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement, etc." together with this agreement).


(Customer consent, etc.)
Article 1:

Customers who use this site or purchase products from this site are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions.
2 The target area of ​​this service is limited to Japan.
3 As a general rule, we will contact you by e-mail.

(Changes to terms and conditions)
Article 2 Our company may make new additions or changes to the terms and conditions without prior notice or without the consent of the customer.
2 Customers who use this site or purchase products from this site after making new additions or changes in the preceding paragraph and posting them on this site have agreed to the contents of the new addition or change of terms and conditions. It is considered as a thing.

(Use of this service)
Article 3:

Customers can browse information on this site and purchase products through this service.

(About the handling of personal information)
Article 4 :

Our company handles personal information such as the customer's name and address on this site (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") within the scope of the following purposes ①Providing this service ②Delivery of products ③Customers Notification / contact to ④ Providing information on advertisements / advertisements, prizes, etc. of products or services of our company or other companies
2 We will store personal information under a strict management system within a reasonable range so that it cannot be unduly touched by a third party. In addition, if the use of this site is terminated due to a request from the customer, etc., we will promptly delete the personal information.
3 Personal information will be entrusted to a company designated by us, etc., which we judge that we handle personal information properly as necessary for business, and stipulate appropriate management of personal information in the contract.
4 As a general rule, we will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer. However, in the case of receiving a request with legal obligation from a judicial institution, administrative agency, etc. based on laws and regulations, the minimum necessary information may be disclosed and provided to related organizations, etc. without the consent of the member himself / herself. I have. In addition, when a member requests disclosure or correction of personal information about himself / herself, we will conduct necessary investigations and, in principle, take appropriate measures without delay.
5 If the customer does not provide the necessary personal information, we may not be able to provide the various services listed in the purpose of paragraph 1.
6 The contact point for inquiries, disclosures, corrections, etc. regarding personal information is as follows.
Room 407, H1O Nihonbashi Kobunecho, 8-6 Nihonbashi Kobunecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
Ada Tours Japan Co., Ltd. 03-6661-7989

(Change of personal information, etc.)
Article 5 The customer shall immediately notify us if the customer falls under any of the following items.
① When there is a change in the customer and delivery address, name, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.
(2) In addition, when there is a change in the contents applied for when using this service except for the change of the ordered product

(Failure and cancellation of sales contract)
Article 6 If one of the following items applies even when the order is received from the customer or after the sales contract is concluded, the company will refuse the order based on our judgment. The sales contract can be canceled.
① When the customer is found to have violated the terms and conditions in the past.
(2) When it is found that the contents of the order are falsely displayed or incorrect (especially at the address where the product is sent) or are incomplete.
③ When it is found that a credit card other than the customer's name can be used for payment of the price etc.
④ When it is found that the credit card used by the customer cannot be used or is in a state equivalent to the payment of the price, etc.
⑤ When we judge that the fulfillment of the obligations incurred by the customer due to the sales contract with us is uncertain.
⑥ When the customer engages in or may significantly impair our interests due to fraudulent buying and selling (resale for the purpose of profit), etc.
⑦ When the customer has an act that falls under the prohibited items stipulated in Article 10.
⑧ When the ordered product is not expected to be in stock for a long period of time or production has been completed.
⑨ When the quantity of the ordered product exceeds the quantity that can be arranged
⑩ When there is an error in the content (especially price, quantity, etc.) displayed on this site by our company
⑪ When we do not have a delivery method to the delivery destination of the product or the delivery fee of the product exceeds our expected level. However, this does not apply if the customer is responsible for the shipping fee.
⑫ In addition to the previous items, if we determine that it is inappropriate to approve your order or that we need to cancel the sales contract.
2 The customer shall not be able to cancel the order placed by the customer for any reason.
3 If the sales contract is unsuccessful or canceled based on the preceding paragraph 1, we will notify the customer to that effect, and if we have already received the price of the product from the customer, it is considerable. The price will be refunded within the period.

(Returns and exchanges of products, etc.)
Article 7 The customer may not offer to return or exchange the product ordered by the customer. However, this does not apply in the following cases.
① Within 8 days after confirmation of receipt of the product at the delivery destination (within 7 days from the customer's desired date for food), the customer has an initial defect or defect in our product, or the product is damaged during delivery. If you are informed that you have done so, and we acknowledge them by checking the operation of the product or by checking the arrived product photo, etc.
(2) When the product is clearly wrong, etc.

Article 8
Our company does not guarantee the matters specified in the following items.

(1) Compatibility of products purchased by customers with other products in this service.
(2) This site is not infected with anything that may have a harmful effect on the computer accessing this site, such as a computer virus.
③ All the contents of other websites linked to this site.
④ Goods will be delivered without delay for any reason.
⑤ Problems that arise in the provision of this service, such as the telecommunications service provided by the telecommunications carrier, the Internet connection service provided by the Internet service provider (ISP operator), the personal computer equipment owned by the customer, and the Internet connection environment.
2 Our company shall not be liable for the matters specified in the following items.
① Any damage caused to the customer or a third party due to the use, interruption or cancellation of this service
(2) Damage caused directly or indirectly to the customer due to the refusal of the customer's order or the cancellation of the sales contract due to the reasons listed in each item of Article 6, Paragraph 1.
③ Damage caused directly or indirectly to the customer when this service is canceled according to Article 9.
3 If a dispute arises between a credit card company, a replacement agency, etc. regarding payments related to this site over fees and other obligations, the customer shall resolve the dispute between the parties concerned, and we are not aware of it at all. Suppose.
4 We will not be liable for any damages caused by your own inadequate management of all personal information registered on this site.

(Cancellation of this service, etc.)
Article 9
In the following cases, we may suspend the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to the customer.

① When it is unavoidable for maintenance or construction of our equipment or telecommunications equipment
② When there is an unavoidable reason such as a failure of our equipment or telecommunications equipment
③ When a natural disaster occurs, a power outage or other emergency occurs
④ When it becomes difficult to use and provide all or part of this service due to the suspension of the provision of the telecommunications service by the telecommunications carrier.
⑤ When the provision of this service is restricted due to the application of laws and regulations, regulations by public institutions, suspension orders, etc.
⑥ When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to other reasons not attributable to our company
2 Our company may suspend the provision of this service and close it without prior notice to the members if the reason for the temporary suspension due to the preceding paragraph is not resolved for a long period of time.
3 Our company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer due to paragraph 1 or the preceding paragraph.

(Prohibited matter)
Article 10
In using this service, we prohibit the acts specified in the following items for our customers.

① Make an order, make an inquiry, etc. with spoofing / false content
(2) Unauthorized use of credit cards, etc., and illegal trading or suspicion
③ Orders for resale / commercial purposes
④ Orders made by customers under the age of 20
⑤ Acts that cause an excessive load on our telecommunications equipment and hinder the use of other members.
⑥ Acts that infringe or may infringe the copyrights, trademark rights and other rights of our company or the right holder of information.
⑦ Acts that interfere with the operation of this site, or interfere with or may interfere with our business operations.
⑧ Acts that interfere with the operation of this site and the network system
⑨ Infringement of copyrights and privacy of other customers, our company, or third parties
⑩ Inconvenience or disadvantage to other customers, our company, or a third party
⑪ Injuring other customers, our company, or a third party
⑫ Acts that violate or may violate the Unauthorized Computer Access Law and other laws and regulations.
⑬ Acts that violate or may violate public order and morals
⑭ Other acts that we deem inappropriate

(User obligation)
Article 11
If our company or a third party suffers damage as a result of your use of this service, you or the person who was your customer shall be liable for all legal liability including liability. We shall not cause any inconvenience to the three parties.


Article 12
The customer acknowledges that the copyright belongs to us for the image data, product information, design, etc. posted on this site, or the contents of the system, etc., and by any chance the customer infringes the copyright. In the event of a dispute with the copyright holder or the author's personality right holder, the dispute shall be resolved between the parties concerned, and we shall not be concerned at all.


(End of this site)
Article 13
We may close or terminate all or part of this site without prior notice to you.


(Governing law)
Article 14
This agreement is governed by the laws of Japan.


(Dispute resolution)
Article 15
If there is a problem that cannot be solved by the terms and conditions regarding the use of this site between you and us, we and you shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.

If the customer is obliged to compensate for damages due to non-payment of the purchase price or other violation of the terms and conditions, and the Company incurs litigation procedures and other expenses (including attorney's expenses) for collecting the claim, the customer shall bear the burden. ..

If the matter cannot be resolved through consultation despite the provisions of Paragraph 1, the simplified court or local court that has jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court.