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■ About wine

Ⓠ The wine smells like mold and I can't drink it.Is it possible to return or exchange?  
There is a possibility that the cork called bushone deteriorates the wine and causes a musty odor.
  In our shop, even if a bushone occurs, basically we cannot return, refund or exchange.
 However, depending on the manufacturer, we may replace it.
 We apologize for the inconvenience, but if a bushone occurs, be sure to store it in a cool and dark place out of direct sunlight, such as a bottle or cork.
 Please contact us.
 Please note that we will not be able to respond if the actual item does not remain.
 In addition, if the same manufacturer or brand continues to have bushone, we will report it to the producer and consult with them to investigate the cause. 

◇ What is Bushone?
Compounds that have entered the cork TCA (Trichloroanizole) This is a phenomenon in which wine has a musty odor.
 It cannot be determined unless it is unplugged.
There is no harm to the human body, but it is not the original quality or taste of wine.

◇ Difficulty in making decisions when purchasing online
It is very difficult to make a clear judgment because you do not know until you unplug it. When served at a restaurant
The staff can check and respond on the spot, but in the case of mail order purchase, it is not possible to check immediately after unplugging.
Scientific analysis shows that time has passed after unplugging TCA There is also a study result that was not detected.

◇ Because cork is a natural substance
Cork is essential for bottle aging, but at present there is no technology that can solve the bushone problem.
Please understand that "wine is something that may cause bushone" before purchasing.


■ Cancellation after ordering
Ⓠ Can I cancel after ordering?
We do not accept cancellations after ordering, but We may be able to accept cancellations before shipping is ready.
We will check the shipping status, so please contact us as soon as possible.
For cancellation after shipping, handling fee and shipping fee will be charged Please note that it will occur.