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Personal Information Protection Guidelines (Privacy Policy)


The personal information protection guideline (privacy policy) is the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (Heisei).15year law57No.), it stipulates the proper collection and processing of personal data provided or disclosed to the Company.

In conducting our business, we will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, as well as the guidelines and other guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Commission, and in addition to protecting personal data, our staff / business partners need to protect personal data. We are serious about taking measures.

By registering and placing an order with us, you consent to the use of the personal information listed in the privacy policy below.

Please check the privacy policy once again.


  Acquisition and use of personal information

When we acquire personal information, we announce or notify the purpose of use (including disclosure according to this guideline), and directly describe it in the contract or other documents (including electromagnetic records) from the person himself / herself. When we collect the personal information, we will specify the purpose of use in advance and obtain it by legal and fair means.

We will use personal information appropriately to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.


  About the purpose of using personal information

We will use your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, and information such as the status of transactions with us for the following purposes.

 (1) For our product shipping and related after-sales service

(2) To send catalogs and DMs, and to inform you of information about new products and services (* 1 and * 2)

(3) To inform you about our business activities related to mail-order sales, information about stores and events, and other useful information about life.

(4) In order to safely provide our products and services to our customers (discovery of users who violate the terms of use and notification to those users, and investigate fraudulent acts such as fraud and unauthorized access that abuse services etc. Includes detection / prevention and response to these).


(※1) We will analyze information such as website browsing history and purchase history obtained from customers, provide services, deliver advertisements, etc.

(※2) We may use information such as customer's hobbies, tastes, browsing history, etc. obtained from a third party other than our company in association with the personal information of our customers that we already have. In this case, we will obtain the consent of the customer in advance and use it within the scope of the purpose of use listed above.


3 Regarding the provision of personal information to a third party

Personal information collected from customers by the Company will never be provided or disclosed to a third party unless it falls under any of the following or is permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law as an exception.

In addition, we will never purchase a list from another company or individual and use it for sale.

(1) When the customer's prior consent / consent is obtained

(2) When outsourcing the handling of personal information to a business consignment company that has a non-disclosure agreement regarding personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified to the customer

(Business consignment company)             

・ A consignment warehouse company that undertakes product delivery

・ Delivery company that undertakes product delivery

・ Card company when credit is selected as the payment method

・ Collection consignment company that consigns when the product price is unpaid

(3) When there is an inquiry from a credit company to investigate card fraud

(4) When it is necessary to comply with the provision based on laws and regulations


  About safety management measures

We will take safety management measures for personal information in order to ensure and improve security in accordance with relevant laws, guidelines and guidelines to prevent leakage, falsification, loss and use of personal information outside the scope of purpose. In addition, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision to employees and contractors (including subcontractors) who handle personal data.The security management measures for personal data are specifically stipulated in the "Rules for Handling Personal Information, etc.", but the main contents are as follows.

(Formulation of personal information protection guidelines)

• In order to ensure the proper handling of personal data, we have formulated this guideline (personal information protection guideline) regarding “compliance with relevant laws and guidelines” and “contact point for handling questions and complaints”.

(Development of discipline regarding the handling of personal data)

• We have established “Personal Information Handling Regulations” for acquisition / holding, provision to third parties, requests for disclosure, etc.

(Organization's safety management measures)

• A report on the case where a person in charge of clerical work related to the handling of personal data is appointed, the range of employees who handle personal data is clarified, and facts or signs that violate the Personal Information Protection Law or the Personal Information Handling Regulations are grasped. We have a contact system in place.

• We regularly carry out self-inspections regarding the handling status of personal data.

 (Human safety management measures)

• We provide regular training to employees regarding points to note regarding the handling of personal data.

• Matters concerning confidentiality of personal data are described in the work regulations.

(physical security management measures)

• We take measures to prevent personal data from being easily viewed by anyone other than the employee who handles personal data and the person himself / herself.

• We have taken measures to prevent theft or loss of equipment, electronic media, documents, etc. that handle personal data, and we have taken measures to prevent personal data from being easily revealed when carrying the equipment, electronic media, etc. increase.

(Technical safety management measures)

• We implement access control to clarify the devices and employees who can handle personal data.

• We have introduced a mechanism to protect information systems that handle personal data from unauthorized access or software from the outside.


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  About inquiries about personal information

If you wish to correct or delete your personal information, please contact the following window.




In that case, in order to prevent unauthorized acquisition of personal information by a third party, we may confirm that you are the person, so we appreciate your cooperation.


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