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*Shipping included* Red and white wine set with gift box included

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For those who want to enjoy wine slowly at home, this set features red and white wines recommended by our sommeliers!

This set that is perfect also for souvenirs and gifts.



【red wine】 Pontelungo Rosso Conero  DOC 【RED0009】
This red wine is so soft and gentle that it surprises those who are new to red wine because of its low astringency.
Smooth mouthfeel follows a mild acidity, while moderate tannins spread after a rich fruity taste.
The result is s charming red wine that you can fully enjoy without snacks.

【White wine】 Bacareto Verdicchio Classico Superiore DOC
[WHI0040] A typical Italian white wine:
refreshing acidity and richness of condensed fruit, good balance of refreshing minerality.
Made using only carefully selected high quality Verdicchio that can withstand 10 years of long-term aging.

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