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Adda wine February announcement


◆High quality grapes wine collection

Pecorino from Abruzzo, in central Italy,

Perlas from Sardinia white grapes.

Built in the warm climate of central Italy,

this white wine os made from these two grape varieties.

With a juicy scent reminiscent of tropical fruits

the refreshing taste with plenty of minerals

is perfect for the coming season.

This month, we will introduce 3 bottles of white wine made from Pecorino and Perlas.


◆Pecorino San Lorenzo DOC

Excellent compatibility with the taste of seafood!

From Ekata-maki of Setsubun to Chirashi sushi of Hina Matsuri

An excellent white wine that will create an event that feels the arrival of spring.


Pecorino San Lorenzo DOC


100% Pecolino


Shining yellow



I feel more fruity as the temperature rises


It's a modest acid, but it has a voluminous mouthfeel.

The aftertaste is bitter and you can enjoy a mineral feeling.

[Recommended pairing]

Seafood carpaccio and chirashi sushi

>>>View Pecorino San Lorenzo DOC

◆Pecorino Spumante Brut


It has a mellow scent like pineapple, but it is dry and has a refreshing aftertaste!

It is easy to match with any dish.



Pecolino Spumante Bru


100% Pecolino


A powerful and vigorous bubble bursts! !!

The color is greenish lemon yellow and refreshing!


At first, a refreshing scent like green apple,

When the bubbles settle down, a mellow scent like pineapple


Strong foam with a gap with the scent and a refreshing mineral feeling,

This is a dry taste that is dry

[Recommended pairing]

Pecorino Romano cheese, the oldest cheese in Italy using sheep milk.

Pecorino cheese wad made during the Roman Empire:

At that time, it was made for the purpose of preservation, so it has a strong salty taste.

It can be said that Pecorino cheese and Pecorino, the grape variety, match together.

The slightly bitter and dry taste and the mineral feeling are a perfect combination.

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◆Perlas Nuragus DOC


Adda Wine's No. 2 Popular Saizeriya Magnum White, an upgraded version of Osco Bianco.

It is a wine that you can't drink without snacks on the side.


Perlus Nuragus DOC


Nuragus 100%


Yellow gold that feels warm


Honey lemon


A balance of sourness and minerality, like a tropical fruit

Very well-balanced with fruit.

A taste that you can drink all the time without snacks

[Recommended pairing]

Seafood butter sauce (pictured is Kanikama and scallop) and pickles

In Perlus, which was raised on the island of Sardinia in the Tyrenia Sea,

After all seafood goes well.

Of course, you can also enjoy it with Pecolino cheese, which is a specialty of Sardinia.

>>>View Perlas Nuragus DOC



All three wines introduced this time are compatible with seafood.

You can also enjoy the "Ekatamaki" of the festival and the "Chirashi sushi" of the Hinamatsuri.

This wine is perfect for events from winter to spring.

In the March issue of next month, I would like to introduce the wines I want to drink during the cherry blossom viewing season.